System Support logoSystem Support: When a mysterious malfuction in a virtual reality game leaves users stranded and unable to return to the real world, player Rose_Red needs to find another way to pass the time — with the help of a new friend who seems to know all the tricks of the online world.

Signs and Portents
Signs and Portents: The warrior king of Spartaca needs an omen from the priestess... but first she's going to ask a few favors from him.

Letitia Cromwell logo
Letitia Cromwell: Community College Witch, Chapter 1. Letitia's having a bad first day at the (not-so-prestigious) Bodendorf Academy of Thaumaturgical Studies. BATS isn't most peoples' first choice for a magickal education... more like a safety school, and the only one she could get into. But her day's about to take a turn for the... stramge: she's been enrolled in Level 100 Sex Magick, and her new classmate is a scion of a powerful magickal dynasty. Does Letitia have a talent for one school of magick after all?

Contactless: A Love Sex Story for These Shitty Times. "In the year XX of the global pandemic..." A lonely couple defies convention to meet face-to-face for a real, in-person date. Sooner or later, things will get out of hand, especially since everyone who drops by to make  "contactless" home delivery has gone a long time without human contact...

(coming soon)