System Support logoSystem Support: When a mysterious malfuction in a virtual reality game leaves users stranded and unable to return to the real world, player Rose_Red needs to find another way to pass the time — with the help of a new friend who seems to know all the tricks of the online world.

Signs and Portents
Signs and Portents: The warrior king of Spartaca needs an omen from the priestess... but first she's going to ask a few favors from him.

Letitia Cromwell logo
Letitia Cromwell: Community College Witch, Chapter 1. Letitia's having a bad first day at the (not-so-prestigious) Bodendorf Academy of Thaumaturgical Studies. BATS isn't most peoples' first choice for a magickal education... more like a safety school, and the only one she could get into. But her day's about to take a turn for the... stramge: she's been enrolled in Level 100 Sex Magick, and her new classmate is a scion of a powerful magickal dynasty. Does Letitia have a talent for one school of magick after all?

Contactless: A Love Sex Story for These Shitty Times. "In the year XX of the global pandemic..." A lonely couple defies convention to meet face-to-face for a real, in-person date. Sooner or later, things will get out of hand, especially since everyone who drops by to make  "contactless" home delivery has gone a long time without human contact...

Space Patrol Arcturus: Season 1, Adventures in H-Space. In the thrilling, far-future year of 2010, the crew of the Space patrol atomo-starship USS Arcturus takes an unexpected detour into a strange level of hyperspace where the dignity and professionaism of the patol will be... challenged.

Letiti Cromwell logoLetitia Cromwell: Community College Witch, Chapter 2 — Back to class for Letitia, Elspeth, and... what's he doing here? There may or may not be an incident in class.

Cursed Dungeon of the Forbidden Curses. Jen the cleric, Nara the thief, Ilthoniel the elf, Gwalin the dwarf, Korg the half-orc fighter, and Ali the mage thought it was just another dungeon... but there's something intimate and personal about the traps and puzzles they are confronted with as they search for a legendary lost treasure.

 Letitia Cromwell: Community College Witch, Chapter 3  — A day in thge life for Letitia and Elspeth. Uncomfortabvle conversations. Startling revelations. Sexy complications. And a bit of ancestry research.

  Star Warp: Visit to a Sexy Planet. Join Capt. Charles-Henri Singh, science officer Mr. Arghon. Lt. Qwill, and Jerry from security for a thrilling episode of the long-running popular space show Star Warp!

  ... and Star Warp: Parabolic. Three-page mini-comic.

"All in the Famula" — it's Letitia Cromwell: Community College Witch, Chapter 4 — Elspethg puts her evil scheme into motion. A deep dive into the mechanics of sex magick. Classroom demos. Professional sports! And a magickal preparation montage as the girls embark on a new phase of their academic careers. Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 together form one big ol' two-part story with a minicomic during the intermission.

"Letitia Cromwell: Community College Witch" Chapter 5 — The "All in the Famula" saga continues. Can the girls contain the outbreak of defective sex demons before the relentless laws of exponential growth cause the little fuckers to over-run the world... and, more importently, before the school finds out and expens them?

Bishi and the Beast — Hentai Action Fairy Tale Theater presents... a five-page mini comic.

Capsukai — adventures with Marl Hunter, professional Capsukai coach, his team, his rivals, and whatever WIndy is to him. Marl's been collecting Capsukai and fighting them on the circuit for half a lifetime, and it's starting to take its toll.