HAT-Space Patrol Arcturus 1-2

13th Nov 2020, 12:00 AM in HAT - Space Patrol Arcturus
HAT-Space Patrol Arcturus 1-2
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Author Notes:

13th Nov 2020, 12:00 AM
Space Patrol Arcturus is already complete — all 64 pages. Technically it's old work, although never completed — the final seven pages are all new. If you're one of the handful who used to read Hentai Action Theater at one of the several old hosting services that carried it, this is the story that was running when I ran out of steam. It finally has an ending, and will run all the way through pages 63-64 (double post) in early January.

Now (radio announcer voice) JOIN US... for the thrilling and NSFW adventures... of Space Patrol Arcturus.

And there will be tentacles.


13th Nov 2020, 2:01 AM
I think I might have read this one. :-)
13th Nov 2020, 8:09 AM
I'm a little surprised to be encountering people who DID read it back when I started it... how many readers was I getting???
It's complete now — I promise. It finally has an ending.
13th Nov 2020, 3:28 AM
It’ll be atomo-riffic!
13th Nov 2020, 3:06 PM
TentAcles is spelled with an A.
It’s testIcles that’s spelled with an I.
I assume there will probably be testIcles too, but ... maybe offscreen only?
13th Nov 2020, 7:55 PM
Yeah, I threw together that teaser image too quickly and only noticed the typo on Thursday. I even spelled it right once...