HAT-Space Patrol Arcturus 7

18th Nov 2020, 12:00 AM in HAT - Space Patrol Arcturus
HAT-Space Patrol Arcturus 7
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Author Notes:

18th Nov 2020, 12:00 AM
If I just followed the thread in that last panel this would be an entirely different kind of comic. Well, not entirely...


18th Nov 2020, 12:10 AM
With “H”, of course, meaning “hentai”...
18th Nov 2020, 1:55 AM
Hot monkey loving? ;-)
18th Nov 2020, 11:27 AM
love the descriptions of the different layers of omnispace
18th Nov 2020, 12:17 PM
Last panel: "..I thought You were the pilot."
18th Nov 2020, 6:22 PM
It's like that old Star Trek episode where the entire crew goes crazy, only with LUST!
BTW, that hillbilly girl is really fetching. Back in the good old days of my youth I'd sometimes see women wearing overalls with nothing underneath. Brought that back. Kids today are more prudish, in that way at least.