Hentai Action Theater - Cursed Dungeon 00

19th Apr 2021, 12:00 AM in Cursed Dungeon teaser images
Hentai Action Theater - Cursed Dungeon 00
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Author Notes:

19th Apr 2021, 12:00 AM
Letitia Cromwell and all completed stories are available from the 'Chapters' tab above. Cursed Dungeon of the Forbidden Curses starts Saturday!

OK, so I'm going to call the next thing (after Cursed Dungeon and LC Ch. 3) "Hentai Action Theater Season 9" to not give away what it it... it'll be the ninth story (counting all LC chapters separately). So HAT-9 is now fully penciled — 61 pages, almost as long as Arcturus. I'm going to be working on it all summer. And by the time it launched I will be all out of older material to pad the buffer.

It naturally breaks into four parts, so I think I'll run it one part per month (starting in October) with brief pauses between... just so that I don't spend five months of my life creating it and run through it all in three. So, smaller pauses between acts instead of a hiatus when it's done. Gotta pace myself.

It will be followed by LC Chapter 4 — which is now outlined and partially scripted. Actually it could become Chapters 4 and 5, or 4a and 4b, or something. Whatever. Gotta get back to drawing HAT-9.