Hentai Action Theater - Star Warp: 05

11th Oct 2021, 12:00 AM in HAT-Star Warp
Hentai Action Theater - Star Warp: 05
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11th Oct 2021, 12:00 AM
There are three pages of that script, and it MIGHT include a clue to what's happening... I've posted it at my Patreon, but it's unlocked for anyone -- not just members, it's free. Consider it incentive to visit the page and check it out.

Speaking of which... hey, can we talk about my Patreon?
Producing this webcomic for a pace of four updates takes a lot of time... and it's not cheap for me, what with paper, ink and pens (going all digital would be even more spendy). A little support would help defray costs and make sure I can justify spending money on art supplies and taking time away from the money-earning grind. Everyone gets access to high-rez sketches, and there will be some special bonuses and behind-the-scenes art connected to Star Warp (coming up soon). Higher levels of support get original art, a reduced rate on commissions, and other goodies. If you can help out with a minimum of $3 a month (or a little more... or set a custom pledge, I'm not picky) please check it out right here (and the widget is always available above). Heck, even if you can't pledge check it out - there's some art there unlocked for everyone, and I'd appreciate feedback on the levels and the premiums I'm offering.


12th Oct 2021, 6:28 PM

Are they from Cardiff? Is their leader Fred Rogers? Is Nina Persson their queen? (I'm trying to think if any of The Doctors wore a cardigan, but no luck. Peter Davidson and Sylvester McCoy wore v-neck jumpers but I wouldn't call them "Cardigans." A companion maybe? Susan? Vicki? Jo? Sarah Jane... I think... Maybe?)

(I'll throw myself out.)
12th Oct 2021, 6:31 PM
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