Hentai Action Theater - Star Warp: 42

27th Dec 2021, 12:00 AM in HAT-Star Warp
Hentai Action Theater - Star Warp: 42
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Author Notes:

19th Jul 2021, 12:00 AM
SO, just to be clear, that's NOT the Quantum Leap logo (though I could have probably gotten away with using it for purposes of parody)... I created my own "Quantum Leap on Vidflyx" logo. Not even the same font.

Update: Letitia Cromwell Chapters 4 and 5 (I'm thinking of calling it "All in the Famula") is now finished... and uploaded. That's right, it has attained the coveted status of "will run to completion even if I get eaten by a shark." It'll launch on February 14, ten days after Star Warp wraps (with a minicomic in between, to tide you over) and run through September 12, 2022... 104 pages. That'll be four pages a week, with brief breaks between parts (and a three-page minicomic between Chapter 4 and 5).

Letitia Cromwell Ch. 4–5 is black and white, in the style and format of the other LC comics... but I have plans for future color features as well. I think I'm going to alternate "classic" B&W underground comix–inspired stories and stories in color or featuring other tools or techniques (like the "black, white, and sepia" in Space Patrol Arcturus" ... another of THOSE is coming as well).

LC 4–5 features:
• Classroom demonstrations
• Professional sports
• Backstory!
• Cunning schemes
• Refractory periods
• Teachable moments

...and the sex and humor go from zero to "this is sure to get me banned this time" in nothing flat. Seriously, I'm happy with the story, characterization, and non-sexy-time jokes, but there's just a different... rhythm... to where the dirty and crazy stuff goes. Star Warp (which I'm glad you seem to be digging, and I'm quite happy with!) is comparatively restrained, with an emphasis on story and nerd history. Letitia Cromwell stories are... not as restrained. You have been disclaimered.

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27th Dec 2021, 7:34 AM
I would pay CASH MONEY for individual issues of HAT via DriveThruComics or Gumroad. CASH. MONEY.
27th Dec 2021, 8:14 AM
Hmmm. DriveThruComics of Gumroad, you say? How does that work? PDFs or print on demand? I've planned for a while to do collections after the stories are complete. Would you pay for that, or just in advance? And what about early access through Patreon?

But, seriously -- what can you tell me about those platforms? I'm looking for reliable ones (for merchandise, too).
28th Dec 2021, 9:05 AM
DriveThru and Gumroad are both digital platforms that sell PDFs, but Gumroad also sells hard copies via print-on-demand, as well as other merch. I don’t know enough about POD to give any guidance. I also don’t know about the fee structures—you’ll be better off contacting other artists or the sites directly.
29th Dec 2021, 8:20 AM
Hmn... looks like Drive Thru also offers print-on-demand, and that's a name I've known for a while. And they've got an "adult" section, so my content should be OK with them.

Now... got any advice on t-shirt shops? I think I'll ask that one on the main page too, see what people think about sho is reliable in the field.
27th Dec 2021, 9:21 PM
Frank Harr
Jerry's doing a lot of research.

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